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New Yard Birds and Changing Colors


Monday August 2, 2021 -

Is there anything cuter than an immature Red-Headed Woodpecker? They don't even have the red on their head yet!

The view of the lake <3

Mama Bluebird with a bug for the babies!

My favorite Stargazer Lilies

Up until this year, I've only had Red Canna Lilies. This is my first orange one!

A Papa American Goldfinch feeding his baby.

A Papa American Goldfinch feeding his baby.

A Great Blue Heron on the lake. He always flies off when I come down to the dock to sit.

I was so excited on Monday to see this bird. I saw two birds flying around the tree on the peninsula on the lake. Through my binoculars I saw an Eastern Kingbird, which are very territorial, and the other bird was a… wait, what?! An Eastern Meadowlark?! Eastern Meadowlarks like grasses and fields, so why was he in a tree on the lake? I have no idea but, boy, was I excited to see him! He is a new yard bird for me (yay!!) so I was so excited to have had him visit!! 

After watching these two for awhile and the Eastern Meadowlark flew off, I watched the Eastern Kingbird literally hover over the water, wings fluttering but it not moving, suspended in the air, looking for bugs. 

The Eastern Meadowlark

The Gorgeous Eastern Meadowlark

It's the beginning of August but I feel like a lot of the trees are starting to change already. It's so strange.

Trees starting to change.

The tree that the Meadowlark was in on the peninsula on the lake.

Changing colors

More changing trees.


Unknown said...

Great pic of the juvenile woodpecker. Woodpeckers always seem to know when they are being watched - and move to the other side of the tree where I couldn't see them. I once got to watch one on a walk flying from tree to tree ahead of me.

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